Breast Cancer Know the Early Signs

Breast Cancer Know the Early Signs

Women need to familiarize themselves with their bodies and don’t take any changes no matter how subtle for granted. In lieu of Breast Cancer awareness, I want to help educate women on the physical signs and symptoms that can indicate it’s time to get a mammogram. Your life is literally in your hands and depends on how well you know your body. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This elusive disease is not gender bias and affects men as well. An estimated 2,600 men will be diagnosed this year with breast cancer. Early detection is key to survival. Know your body.

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Do you do breast self-breast exams and examine them in the mirror? Have you noticed any signs of inflammation such as redness, tenderness, warmth or swelling around the breasts? Sometimes visible changes in the skin can occur. The skin can become tough or have a dimpled appearance.





Other noticeable changes may occur in the nipples. They may become inverted or in rare or advanced stages of breast cancer ulcers may develop. The nipples may become crusty or scabbed. You may experience pus discharge and drainage from the nipples. If your breasts have grown different in size this can be an indicator of breast cancer as well. Compare them in the mirror and if one is significantly larger get examined by a physician.



While doing your self-breast exams be sure to exam under the armpits as well. If you detect any lumps this can mean that cancer has spread to your lymph nodes. Another sign that goes undetected is shortness of breath or being hoarse for a period of time. This can imply there is fluid build up in your lungs. Lung cancer may very well be the culprit. Other sources included breast, ovaries, and stomach cancer.


Do you have any sores that refuse to heal? Normally the body should heal within a few days, but prolonged healing can be a sign of cancer. Your body is too busy fighting cancer cells to heal properly. Irritating sores may be a sign of underlying issues. Please get checked out.




Who knew that man’s best friend can save his life too! Trained dogs are able to detect cancer with their sensitive noses. If your better half keeps sniffing around your breasts it’s trying to tell you something.


Women 40 and older should get annual mammograms. Those that have a history in the family should start at 35 years. Men should get checked as well if there is a family history. At least once a month take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Early detection equals Life. I hope this information was helpful. Healthier families for generations to come is our Mission here at Naturally Me. Till next time.


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