H2O the most basic and essential molecule of life itself. If there was no water, life itself on this planet would cease to exist. The human body cannot survive longer than 2 weeks without it. Our bodies themselves are composed of more than 70% of this molecule. So why do we need it?  Most of our vital organs are made of water. Approximately 73% of our brain the most pertinent organ of all is made of water. Water helps to transmit the oxygen our brain needs to survive. 20% of our body’s oxygen intake goes to the brain. It helps immensely with our cognitive ability.  The way how electrons flow to and from each neuron relies on this molecule.

Water is a great Detox. Drinking lots of water makes you urinate more frequently. Excess water is removed from the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract. This helps to flush out all harmful and unwanted toxins in the body.

Water plays a key role in cell creation. Particularly the white and red blood cells that help with our immunity. White blood cells help tremendously with keeping our bodies healthy. White blood cells are an integral part of the immune system and act as our defense cells to fight off nasty bugs. Water helps to flush out all harmful invaders of the body.  Water helps to strengthen the cells. If cells don’t maintain their proper shape they are more susceptible to intruders. Also, can lead to autoimmune diseases such as sickle cell. Water helps to hydrate the mucous glands of the body’s eyes, mouth, and nose to further help protect the body from contaminants.

Did you know your heart is also almost 73% water? More water equals better heart health. The heart is able to pump more efficiently with less sodium. Which can raise blood pressure?  People who drink at least 5 glasses a day minimum decrease their chances of cardiac episodes by at least 40%. That’s huge!

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Water helps immensely with digestion. Water acts as a lubricant and keeps the flow of nutrients going in the digestive tract. It helps the kidneys and the liver flush out toxins out of food. Water also makes it easier for the body to break down food molecules and get the sustenance it needs. Lack of water may lead to constipation. Water maintains frequent bowel movements.

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Water can help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite.  Drinking a full glass before a meal will help you to feel full. Best of all water has zero calories. The fewer sugary drinks the better. Water has the potential to speed up your metabolism.  With a higher metabolism,  your body breaks down more fat easily and use for energy. You can even burn over 400 calories by drinking several ice-cold glasses of water. The body expends more energy to process cold water. On a hot summer better it’s better than a cold beer.


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Want younger and more vibrant looking skin with that special glow? The secret to the fountain of youth is water and lots of it.  It helps to replenish collagen in your skin. Giving you younger, healthier-looking skin. It firms and tightens your skin reducing fine lines, bags, and wrinkles. Say bye-bye to oily skin which results in acne, blemishes, or zits.

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The best thing about water is it’s free and cost nothing.  Pay for a filter and you are ready to drink to your heart’s content. Water can help lighten your mood. The opposite effect can be said about not having enough water. You can become the grouch. Stay hydrated on hot and humid days to avoid syncope episodes or heat strokes.  When going to the beach, for jogs, long walks, or hiking always take a little extra.  Try to keep spare in your car especially on long road trips. You never know when or where you are going to break down.

Take the water challenge and drink only water for 7 days. See if you can feel or see a difference in your waistline. Healthier families for generations to come is our  Mission here at Naturally Me. Till next time.

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