In the Beginning, there was Eden.

In the Beginning, there was Eden.

Eden was a paradise more beautiful than our imaginations can fathom.

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More alive and magical than Avatar. Perfection in every sense of the word. Call me crazy, but I truly believe before The Fall Adam could talk to the animals. How else could he give them names without repeating himself? Don’t you think one of them would have interjected, “uh um… I think you said that name already”. Just imagine, that’s a lot of animals to cover every species on the face of God’s green earth.  But this garden supplied all of their needs. I want you to hold onto that thought for a moment. A garden that gave them solutions for their daily necessities.

It is our hope here at  Naturally Me to equip you with the basic essentials of how to live off the land, the way that God intended us to. To use the herbs and spices for food, medicinal purposes, hygiene, decorations, beauty, warmth and so much more. Learning how to incorporate diet, exercise, and hygiene to become the Natural You, you strive to be. Beautiful inside and out diminishing any flaws that hinder your self- esteem and self-worth. We want to encourage you in this community to be Naturally You. Be authentic in everything you do. To be motivated and inspired in every aspect of your life. It is our desire to allow the flexibility of you to build an Organic Lifestyle around your everyday life. This will be a fun, simple, and exciting journey for your family, I promise. Also, another perk of this lifestyle is being easy on the wallet. No overhead. This helps to dissuade many.  Join Us and begin this Organic Journey together and discover the Natural You.
With all our Organic products from Lemongrass Spa, hair care from Twilight Curls, detox and supplements from IT Works, and feminine needs from Nspire’s Cherish pads you are well on your way to a healthier You. Healthier families for generations to come is our Mission. Till Next Time.

Live, Love, Learn, Together.


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