Flat irons are a necessary evil. Every girl at some point wants to switch it up and have long silky straight hair. However, depending on your hair type if you don’t choose the right flat iron, you can cause some serious irreversible damage. What’s the big deal about straightening your hair and why does heat cause so much damage?  When your hair is damaged it fails to return to its natural state. There is also signs of frizz, split ends, and breakage. Your hair also feels dry, brittle and lacks luster.


Heat can affect the hair in a variety of ways. Heat puts stress on your hair and the curlier your hair type the higher the probability of breakage. Lack of sebum, an oil the scalp naturally produces can result in heat damage. The curlier your hair, the more difficult it is for the sebum to travel to the ends of your hair. The heat from the flat iron strips the hair fibers away from the cuticle and causes the hair to lose moisture. Using heating appliances at high levels can alter the curl pattern of your hair and cause permanent damage. Each hair type has an optimal flat iron temperature. It’s recommended not going higher than 400F if you have coarse or curly hair. For straight hair do not use more than 300F. Heat protectants play a vital role in preventing hair damage. Not applying some sort of conditioner, spray or lotion could have devastating consequences. Be wary of products that have natural oils. This can act as an accelerant and increase the heat being applied to your hair. Finally, choosing the right tool is crucial to preventing heat damage.

So the question remains how do I choose which styling apparatus is right for me?

When flat ironing your hair one should not go over the same area multiple times to prevent damage. The ideal flat iron should only be used once to flat iron each section of hair. I came across this article by titled the Best Flat Iron . They compared over 130 flat irons from well-known hair brands. They tested multiple hair models and different hair types. They discovered the top 3 flat irons. They recommend using ceramic on straight hair and titanium on coarse hair. They also suggest making sure the plates are at least 3 inches in length to flat iron larger sections of your hair. During their evaluations, they discovered flat irons that claimed to be ceramic but were only coated. They had unidentified metals within. Make sure the plates are able to have some flexibility as well when you clamp them together. Also if you are going to invest in a flat iron ensure it has a warranty and dual voltage for travels outside the country.

So which styling iron was their top pick. The winner is the Bio Ionic 10X Pro Styling Iron. It’s a little pricey at $230.










But is worth every penny. It is able to straighten every type of hair with just one stroke. It vibrates while heating to ensure the heat goes to every strand. The ceramic has volcanic ash mix inside. They release negative ions that help to close the cuticle. It’s also a crafty styling tool and creates lovely beach waves when it’s not vibrating.

The Bio Ionic OnePass is cheaper but has almost the same one-pass performance of the 10X.  But lacks some of the finer qualities of the Bio Ionic 10X.











The Chi Ultra CHI Titanium Straightener is recommended best for those with tight spirals.









It works almost as well as the Bio Tonic 10X Pro. Titanium plates are best for girls with curly tresses. It heats up quickly and almost 5 inches in length.

For those on a budget, it was recommended Hot Tools Digital Touch 1” Flat Iron with Titanium Plates was best for the job. Sold for under $100.












The Bio Ionic Gold Pro was also another favorite for hair models. Sold for around $120.








However, it did not work quite as well for girls with tighter curls. Required more passes, sometimes one had to pull more to get the hair to pass through the plates.

Other flat irons that were highly recommended were the T3 Single Pass Luxe and Amika Digital Titanium Glide Obliphica 1″ Styler.


To protect your hair from the heat find a really good heat protectant that is best for you hair type. Also, use a good heat protectant shampoo and conditioner. Let the conditioner sit for 15-30 min.





Always section your hair into smaller parts. Finally, only use one hand to flat iron. Don’ t be heavy-handed. Hopefully, this article was helpful for your journey to healthy hair. I promise you if you use these tips you will not Sizzle your hair. Helping you to look and feel beautiful from the inside and out is our goal here at Naturally Me. Till next time.




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