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Nspire Organic Pads

Cherish Sanitary Napkins by Nspire

The First Organic Pad of it’s kind.

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Don’t expose the women you love to harmful carcinogens any longer.


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 Endorsed by OB / GYN Dr. Jacqueline Walters

Cherish pads use negative ion technology which has been proven to balance PH and hormone levels. This in turn helps to protect against germs, bacteria, reduce inflammation, vaginal irritation and discomfort. It also reduces embarrassing odors.  It has been proven to last longer than traditional pads and absorb more fluid as well. Love the way you feel. Don’t be ashamed of your menstrual cycle any longer.

There are 8 layers of protection

  • First layer 100 % cotton

  • Second layer all natural negative ion strip (balance PH and hormone levels, protection against inflammation, irritation, odor)

  • Third layer air laid paper provides extra protection for unwanted leaks

  • Fourth layer is  a super absorbent polymer layer. Can hold 10x more moisture than traditional pad.

  • Fifth layer is an enhanced flow layer. It absorbs moisture away from the body.

  • Sixth layer is an additional layer of air laid paper designed to lock moisture and keep women dry longer.

  • Seventh layer is a micro perforated bottom that is breathable. Allows fresh air to flow through the pad, limiting the growth of bacteria and embarrassing odor.

  • Eight layer is agricultural grade adhesive release paper for security. Conventional pads use construction grade glue which is harmful to women and the environment.

Conventional Pads contain harmful carcinogens such as (Dioxin, Furan) which has lead to women having miscarriages, fibroids, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer. Learn the Truth about what’s in your  pad and switch to Nspire Cherish Pads today.




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Cherish Panty Liner $5

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Cherish Day Use $5

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Cherish Night Use $5

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Cherish Overnight $5

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Nature's Jewels Collection

One of a kind handcrafted jewelry inspired by Mother Nature. Each set is unique and handmade by our team.
Beauty in its Rarest form.

Each set is only $25 – $30
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Twilight Curls and Nature’s Jewels

A Flat Rate of $2.99  for products under 20 oz

A Flat Rate of $5.00 for products over 20 oz

Orders over $50 are Free

International Fee starts $15 not including VAT and other taxes.

(we do not control duties & tax) (weight dependent)
Free shipping any orders over $150 International
Intl. delivery takes 5 – 20 days.

Lemongrass Spa and Nspire are Third Party vendors and subject to their own Shipping and Return policies. See website for further details and . However, we will be happy to assist you within our limitations with any concerns of products, or purchases through our site to Third Party vendors.Thank You!

Book A Spa Party

Naturally Me Spa

Call Us 877-544-0698 or Email Us

If You live in the Wilmington NC (New Hanover, Castle Hayne, Pender, Brunswick, Horry) area and wish for our team to host a Spa Party for you and your girlfriends please

Contact Us today. A $50 Travel Fee 30miles or more will be added to total price. We will come to your home or hotel suite.

We Service Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Showers, Bachelorette parties, Baby Showers, Girls Nights, Women Functions, Retreats.

Please allow at least 7-14 Days Notice to allow for scheduling.  Once Lemongrass Spa party supply has been shipped to Host the fee is Non-Refundable. You keep all of the Lemongrass Spa party kit  supplies. We can arrange for another date of service.  Orders will be placed 5  days after booking. You must cancel within the 5 days to receive Refund. All Sales are Final once items are received by Host.

Birthdays, Home Spa Parties

Space is limited. Each party is 1 – 2 hours long. It entails facials, hand massage, foot massage, and makeover. Light appetizers and champagne are served. Host will pay $150 prior to event to book the party. The Host will receive party kit. All Lemongrass Spa supplies of the party kit will be given to Host along with a personalized tot bag. Minimum of 10 orders of $25 or more is required per party.

If you wish to receive a body massage by a licensed massage therapist a $20 fee per person for 15 minutes will be added.


Wedding Showers and Bachelorette Spa Parties

Weddings are fun and exciting but can also be a stressful time  and financial strain for the Bride and wedding planners (bridesmaids). Our goal is to create a relaxing atmosphere that the Bride and girls can enjoy and release the tension of the wedding planning. A close, intimate, fun-filled session at an affordable price is our goal. Memories to last a lifetime.

All fees will Must be paid up front. $150 is required to book party and purchase kit. The Bride will receive all Lemongrass Spa Party kit with a personalized tot bag with new name Mrs……….) .  A $60 fee is required for each attendee. Each attendee will receive a trial size foot kit, body lotion, and lip gloss of their choosing.

The goal of this experience is Relaxation for the Bride and party members that is more affordable than a traditional Spa session. If you wish to receive a body massage by a licensed massage therapist a $20 fee per person for 15 minutes will be added to party package  Light Appetizers and Champagne will be still be served as well.

Group  Pricing (Wedding Shower, Bachelorette Party, Retreats) Paid in Advance

Party 3: $60 + Hostess Kit $150 = $330

Party 6: $58 + Hostess Kit $150 = $498

Party 10: $56 + Hostess Kit $150 = $710

Party 15 $55 + Hostess Kit $150 = $975






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